JENerations Jazz Festival Guidelines & FAQ

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Jazz ensemble directors, participate in the JENerations Jazz Festival, presented in partnership with Music For All, at the Annual Conference!

  • Participants are accepted on a first-come first-served basis. 
  • FULL Individual Membership is required to submit an application.
  • eJEN Members are not eligible to submit applications.
  • The Director's Membership is required to be current to perform at the conference.
  • Open to school/community ensembles of all age groups.
  • Multiple groups from the same school/organization are permitted (separate application for each ensemble required).
  • Audio submissions are not required.
  • Participation Fees are required as detailed further below in order to hold your slot.

JEN is pleased to announce the continuation of the JENerations Jazz Festival held in conjunction with the annual JEN Conference. More than 800 elementary, middle, junior high, high school, community and college musicians of all ages participate in this exciting weekend of jazz each year!

Click here to see an alphabetical list of participating ensembles 2012-2016.

In addition to having access to all the incredible clinics and concerts associated with the JEN Conference, JENerations Jazz Festival participating combos, big bands, and vocal jazz ensembles will perform for thirty minutes and immediately following the performance, receive a thirty minute clinic session with world-class clinicians featuring many of today’s biggest names in jazz! The clinician roster since inception has included the following individuals among many others:

Ruben Alvarez        Jay Ashby               Steve Bailey             Jennifer Barnes
Wayne Bergeron     Don Braden            Ndugu Chancler       Caleb Chapman
John Clayton           Jeff Coffin               John Fedchock         Lou Fischer
Gordon Goodwin     Dan Haerle             Steve Houghton       Christian Howes    
Javon Jackson        Dave Liebman        Connaitre Miller        Bob Mintzer            
Michael Mossman   Kevin Nash             Kim Nazarian           Bobby Shew            
Bob Sinicrope          Ray Smith               Ed Soph                  Michelle Weir
Jim Widner              Matt Wilson            Greg Yasinitsky        Victor Wooten

This is an incredible opportunity for schools throughout the world to celebrate America’s true art form, rub shoulders with today’s hottest jazz talent in attendance at the conference, and have an educational experience they will never forget. Space is extremely limited, so reserve your spot today!


Completing the JEN Online Application Form is a requirement in order to be accepted to participate in the JENerations Jazz Festival at the Annual JEN Conference. Please be advised materials will not be accepted in any other form and/or after the deadline has passed.

It is recommended you print this page for reference as you prepare your materials for submission. All information requested must be included at the time of your application submission in order for the application to be processed within the JEN system.


  • April 1st: Applications open  
  • Applications will be reviewed and accepted as received until all slots are filled
  • Applicants will be notified Officially of acceptance by email from the JJF Coordinator
  • An Application must be completed and the Ensemble Fee must be paid in order for JEN to hold your slot.
  • Click below to pay the appropriate Ensemble Fee AFTER completing your application. This is necessary to hold your spot in the JJF lineup.
  • There are no refunds on ensemble participation fees.
  • Application Fees can be paid using a:
    • Credit Card
    • Check
    • School Purchase Order
  • November 1st-15th: A link to the JEN Registration Badge Portal will be provided to register all ensemble members, director, and alloted chaperones for conference badges.
    • Anyone attending the conference is required to have a registration badge to move freely about the conference.
    • As established by the Board of Director's, participants in your ensemble, yourself as Director, and your allotment of chaperones (1 per 5 student performers), will receive a registration badge to attend the entire JEN Conference as noted above.
  • December 1st: Information related to Conference check in (if applicable) will be sent to you via email and/or posted on this page.  Please refer to this page often for updates to most of your questions.
  • December 15th: Deadline for paying Student participation Fees.


  • First-Come First-Served
  • Ensembles will not be accepted that include an abundance of duplicate members
  • Membership in JEN is required of the ensemble Director to submit an application to participate
  • Presenting a clinic or performing does not prohibit you from applying to participate in the JENerations Jazz Festival
  • Having performed last year does not prohibit you or your ensemble from participating again
  • You may apply for more than one group

APPLICATION TYPES may include any style of music, including:

  • Traditional
  • Swing
  • BeBop
  • HardBop
  • Cool
  • Fusion
  • ECM
  • Neo-Bob
  • Free
  • Latin-Jazz
  • Rock
  • Funk
  • World Music
  • and more!

  • NOTE: You must be logged in as a Full Individual Member, School Festival Partner, Institution or Corporate Partner Member to apply to participate at the Annual JENerations Jazz Festival at the Conference. If you are an eJEN member and wish to upgrade to a Full Individual membership status, contact 312-781-6299 for immediate assistance. 
  • Complete the application

 to participate.
  • You will be asked for the following information:
    • Contact Information
 from the person completing the application
    • Director's information if you are a Representative completing the application for another person
    • Commitment to attend and participate and to reserve lodging in the Official JEN Conference hotel
      • Commuters within a 100 mile radius are exempt from the lodging requirement
    • Ensemble Information
    • An Ensemble Photo is requested but not a mandatory upload
    • You MUST upload a Stage Plot for your ensemble(s) in order to submit the application
      • Sample Stage Plots are provided below or you can design your own
    • Acceptance of Terms – As conference performer(s), you will be asked to agree to stay in the conference hotel unless you are commuting from within 100 miles of the conference. NOTE: Once you are invited to register your ensemble members for badges to attend, you will be asked to confirm your acceptance of the invitation and will be asked to provide a registration confirmation number from the conference hotel to verify you have complied with this important facet of the process. Compliance with this agreement ensures the organization remains financially stable, and allows JEN to reach the hotel imposed attrition rate related to the conference contract, which in turn provides JEN with the hotel event space to present the annual conference, thereby keeping the costs associated with conference production down.
    • Acceptance of Terms – Expense to be borne by individuals or sponsoring institution
    • Acknowledgement that membership as the Director will remain current at the time of the Conference
    • Acceptance of Terms – Permission to use name and likeness in promotion of the event and for future conference and JEN events
    • Release of JEN and Hotel Liability to participate in the conference
  • You will receive a Confirmation Screen which indicates you are Registered as a JJF Applicant.
  • ONCE ACCEPTED, You will be advised by the JJF Coordinator when to make payment for the appropriate fee(s) at a later date.
    • ​JEN accepts payment by credit card, a check, or School Purchase Order
    • Checks OR Purchase Order should be sent to: Jazz Education Network, JENerations Jazz Festival, Sharon Burch
        Phone: 1-312-781-6299
        Post Mail: Jazz Education Network
                         1440 W. Taylor St #1135
                         Chicago IL 60607
  • A follow-up email from The Jazz Education Network confirming receipt of your Application will be sent to the email address you use to register for participation. It may go to your SPAM folder. Do check there. If you did not receive a Confirmation Email, contact JEN.

*PARTICIPATION FEES (due and payable as noted above):

After completing and clicking to SUBMIT the Application Form, you will receive a Confirmation Screen. 

Registration includes a badge to attend the entire conference for each participating ensemble member AND the Director(s). In addition, you will receive one chaperone badge allotment per every five student participants in your ensemble(s). If you desire additional chaperone badges beyond the allotment, you will be able to purchase them for an additional fee of $50 each, also valid for the entire conference. There are two types of 'participant' fees to participate in the JENerations Jazz Festival component of the conference as detailed below. 

ENSEMBLE PARTICIPATION FEE (due within 15 days of official notification of acceptance):

STUDENT PARTICIPATION FEES (due and payable no later than December 15th):
  • Individual Student Partcipation Fee - $20 per student performer
    • due and payable by Dec 15th for each performing 'student' per ensemble

Click the link below to Complete the:




Question: My school ensemble is participating in the JENerations Jazz Festival.  What backline will be provided?

Answer: Each of the 3 JENerations Venues will have full backline provided which includes:

  • Professional Sound Reinforcement and Crew w/limited microphones
    • All JJF clinic venues are equipped with an multi-channel mixer, speakers, and a monitor.
      • The VOCAL JJF clinic room is equipped with a maximum 16 mcrophones.
      • Instrumental JJF clinic rooms are equipped with a maximum of 5 microphones. If you require more than 5 microphones, OR specialty microphones, you should plan to bring them with you. 
  • 1 Digital Piano provided by Yamaha
  • 1 Professional Quality Bass Amp
  • 1 Professional Quality Guitar Amp
  • 1 Professional Quality Drumset provided by Mapex*
    • Bass Drum/snare drum/2 rack toms/1 floor tom/3 cymbal stands/hihat stand 
    • JEN is not able to provide cymbals so please bring your own
  • Ample Music Stands for your ensemble as requested up to 25 
  • Percussion, including congas, timbales and trap stand.
    • JEN does not provide specialty percussion items such as djembe, etc.)
  • Electric Keyboard (if requested in advance via the JJF Application Form)
    • JEN is not able to provide a B3 organ
  • JEN is not able to provide acoustic basses.  
    • Rental Information is posted below as it becomes available)
  • ​​Sample downloadable Stage Plots are below for your reference


Question: It’s late in the Fall and I just learned of a conflict with my scheduled performance time!!! What can you do?

Answer: Should you request a different time than when you were notified after September, we will attempt to accommodate your request, but may find it necessary to replace your performance due to the difficulty related to making changes at that late date in the scheduling process.


Question: Will we have a warm-up room or Green Room to use prior to our performance?

Answer: You will be able to unpack your horns in a Green room in very close proximity to your JJF Performance/Clinic venue prior to and immediately following your performance.  You will also be able to leave your cases in that green room during your performance. NOTE: You may not play or warm-up in these rooms. You will be escorted to your performance/clinic venue by a JEN Representative 15-20 minutes PRIOR to your scheduled time slot.

Question: Does JEN provide storage space for our horns and misc. gear when we are not performing over the weekend?

Answer: JEN does not provide storage space for equipment on site.  For that reason we provide Full Backline in all venues. Please refer to the BACKLINE heading for items provided in order to determine what you need to bring.


Question: I am in need of an hour or two to rehearse my ensemble when we arrive. Who do I speak with to arrange this?

Answer: JEN produces 70+ concerts, 70+ clinics, and 45 performance clinics in the JJF during the annual conference, in addition to hosting upwards of 20 committee meetings. Therefore, JEN is rarely able to provide rehearsal space for anyone, as all spaces are being used throughout the day and evening and further are often not available due to contractual obligation with the hotel. On rare occassion and subject to change in each location of the conference, meeting space or rehearsal space may become available, and is offered strictly on a first-come dirst-served basis for a small fee. Refer to the online form related to Conference Space Rental (generally Available after September 1st). Your best bet for rehearsal space is to seek help from on the local schools in the region.


Question: Does JEN provide storage space for our horns and miscellaneous gear when we are not performing over the weekend?

Answer: JEN does not provide storage space for equipment on site. For that reason we provide Full Backline in all venues. Please refer to the BACKLINE heading for items provided in order to determine what you need to bring.


Question: I am presenting a clinic or performing a concert at the upcoming JEN conference and want to know if I can sell my cds from the stage?

Answer: Clinicians and/or Performers appearing at the JEN Conference may not sell cds from the stage. This situation clogs up the stages and entry into and out of the performance and clinic venues, and turnaround time is quite limited between performances and clinics. We appreciate your cooperation in this endeavor. You may sell cds in limited quantities in the JENeral Store, open daily during Exhibit hours at the conference site.

If you desire to sell your cds, please download the CD Sales Agreement posted at the bottom of this page. Complete the form and bring it with your product as instructed to the JENeral Store on Thursday morning of the conference for product check in. You should pick up your remaining cds on Saturday between 12noon and no later than 4:30pm.


Question: When I arrive to the conference site, where do I pick up my badge?

Answer: In order to move the lines faster, there are various lines at the Registration Counter. Please read this information in its entirety to find out where you should pick up your badge:

  • If you are an Exhibitor, regardless of whether you are a performer or clinician, you should pick up your badge at the Exhibitor Window
  • If you are a Performer that is an Exhibitor as well, then pick up your badge as instructed in line #1
  • If you are a PRO Performer or Clinician, and you are not an exhibitor, you should pick up your badge at the Performers & Clinicians window
  • School & Ensemble Directors should pick up badges for the ENTIRE ensemble at the Performers & Clinicians window. Badges will not be released to individual performers of these type of ensembles.

Question: How many Registration Credentials will we receive?

Answer: Ensembles will receive one (1) Registration Badge valid for the entire conference for each member of the ensemble AND the director. In addition,  you will receive an allotment for chaperone/management credentials  (1 additional badge per every 5 students in your ensemble(s) as detailed above.


My ensemble or I have been accepted to present and/or perform. Can you tell me when and how to send in the ensemble member information in order to register all of the members of my group, to be certain we have Registration Badges when we arrive at the conference site??

Answer: The deadline is December 15th. If you still need to submit badge information and the deadline has passed, contact Dr. Lou Fischer, Conference Coordinator directly at immediately for further information and instructions.

A link to the Registration Portal to be used for Ensemble Registration will be distributed via email no later than November 15th and must be returned to JEN by December 15th to avoid the long lines at the JEN Registration desk at the conference. Accepted Performers are to complete this very important step in the process to ensure that you and the members of your ensemble and allotted chaperones have accurate Registration Badges upon arrival to the conference site. Anyone attending the conference is required to have a registration badge to move freely about the conference.


 As an ensemble director, how many chaperone/management badges are we allowed to have?

Answer: Ensemble Directors are allowed to request one (1) additional chaperone badge for every 5 members in your ensemble, and yes, do count yourself in the ensemble total, rounding off to the nearest multiplier of five (5), to arrive at the total allotment for chaperones. For example, if you have an eighteen (18) piece big band + yourself, you will be allowed to request four (4) additional credentials beyond the members of your ensemble, as the nearest multiplier of five (5) is twenty (20). If you have a sixteen (16) piece ensemble + yourself, you will be allowed three (3) additional badges as the closest multiplier of five (5) is fifteen (15).


 What if I need more badges than the allotment for additional chaperones/management?

Answer: Additional Chaperone/Management Badges can be purchased by the leader or director of an ensemble for a nominal fee of $50, which grants the individual open access the entire conference, without purchasing membership. The ability to register additional chaperones/management is a privilege offered to you as a result of your ensemble being accepted to perform. The intent is to assist in allowing family members and supporters of your program to attend the conference to enjoy your performance at a reasonable rate. You may elect to SEND A CHECK instead of paying with a credit card if you prefer.


 Can I register additional chaperones/management personnel after the November 15th deadline for the JEN Registration Credential Form?

Answer: Additional Chaperone/Mgmt Badges will be sold until December 15th. After that time, people will need to stand in line at Registration. Plan ahead to avoid long lines in January!


 I have family members that do not intend to attend the entire conference but do want to attend our concert. Can they do that?

Answer: Family members can purchase a Single Day Event Ticket for $20 (Children under 13 admitted free) to attend a specific daytime performance. Tickets are not sold for the Evening Performances in this manner. An Evening Concert Ticket-$60 must be purchased to attend any evening concert if an individual elects to purchase a ticket rather than a badge for the day or entire conference.


Question: It’s late in the Fall and I just learned of a conflict with my scheduled performance time!!! What can you do?

Answer: Should you request a different time than when you were notified after September, we will attempt to accommodate your request, but may find it necessary to replace your presentation due to the difficulty related to making changes at that late date in the scheduling process.


Question: Where do I find housing information online?

Answer: Official Conference Housing


If you are a Large Group planning to arrive to the hotel together, PLEASE complete the Large Group Arrival Form online which alerts the hotel to staffing needs the date of your arrival and the date of your departure.

Large Group Arrival/Departure Form


Question: My group is traveling by bus. Where can we park?

Answer: Refer to the All About DALLAS tab (COMING SOON!)


Question: We are traveling by air. How do we get from the airport to the hotel?

Answer: Refer to the 


Question: I need a Bass for my performance. Will JEN supply that for me?

Answer: JEN does not provide basses at the conference. However, we have learned of several resources where you can rent a bass in the local area for your performance at the conference. Click the link to find that information. We recommend you reserve a bass earlier than the week of the conference to ensure availability. Rental negotiations are your responsibility and obligation. JEN provides no liability in this regard.